Dr. Nashat Alarbid

(Years of Experience: 33)

Dermatologist (Skin)
Quttainah Medical Center

(10 reviews)

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Dermatologist (Skin)

Specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the skin, hair, scalp, and nails, and performing cosmetic procedures.

Languages Spoken

Known For

APTOS Thread Lifting Methods Trainer.

Medical Qualifications

Master's in Dermatology, Damascus University, Syria.

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Damascus University, Syria.


Dr. Nashat Alarbid Insurance Providers

This doctor does not accept any insurance with Direct Billing


How can I make an appointment with Dr. Nashat Alarbid?

HeliumDoc allows you to book appointments online without the hassle of calling the clinic. Click here to book an appointment online with Dr. Nashat Alarbid.You will get a call back from the clinic to confirm your appointment.

Does Dr. Nashat Alarbid accept my insurance?

Click here to see a list of insurance plans he accepts.

What timings for Dr. Nashat Alarbid are available?

Click here to request an appointment with the doctor and the clinic will call to share the doctor’s schedule.

What languages does Dr. Nashat Alarbid speak?

Dr. Nashat Alarbid speaks the following Arabic and English

Where is Dr. Nashat Alarbid clinic located in ?

works at:Quttainah Medical Center located in Madinat Khalifa South Area 34, Road 362, Building 98, Aljazera Al-Arabiya Street.. Click here for the google map location.

What are common reasons for patients to see Dr. Nashat Alarbid?

What is the education and qualifications of Dr. Nashat Alarbid ?

Dr. Nashat Alarbid has the following degrees and diplomas:Master's in Dermatology, Damascus University, Syria.Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Damascus University, Syria.

What has the experience of patients been with Dr. Nashat Alarbid ?

10 reviews have been added against Dr. Nashat Alarbid profile and his average rating is 3.5/5

Are there any additional charges to book an appointment with a Dermatologist (Skin) through HeliumDoc?

HeliumDoc bridges the gap between the patient and the doctor. There are no additional charges for booking through HeliumDoc.

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