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Clinics might be closed or slow to respond due to New Year's Holiday on the 1st of January 2022
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Dr. Mohammad Asha

Dr. Mohammad Asha

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(Years of Experience: 12)

Internal Medicine
Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine

(124 reviews)
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Medical Qualifications

Bachelors in Medicine & Surgery, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan


Fellowship in Oncology, King Hussein Cancer Center, Jordan


Jordan Board of Internal Medicine


Member of the Royal College of Physicians, UK


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22 Nov 2021


First time I visited dr. Mohammed Asha in 2019. I had many issues going on in my life that time which is reflected on my health. I’ve been meticulously searching for a good qualified doctor in Doha which is not easy to find and I’m super glad that I found dr.Asha I believed if it was not dr. Asha I would be taking antidepressants which would prescribe other doctor and my improvement wouldn’t be so fast. I visit him every now and then for check up… And I’m always impressed with his knowledges and abilities to listen carefully and understand what the matter is… Addition to that he accurately explains everything and patiently answers all possible questions :) He is not only professional, smart but also wise doctor… I always have some new knowledges or understanding after I visit him I truly believe is the best in the city ! Thank you very very much dr. Asha! 🙏 Show more

23 Oct 2021


07 Oct 2021


مرحبا دكتور محمد حبيت اشكرك على وقتك اليوم وعلى سعة صدرك ونصحك واهتمامك الغير عادي والله يكثر من امثالك فعلاً تستحق الثناء.. خدمة مميزة بارك الله فيك Very distinguish service and highly professional doctor by all means.. outstanding service, many thanks Show more

03 Oct 2021


Dr Asha reminds me of the main character in Dr.House. He is always Thinking outside the box and making sure the patient is well taken care of. Dr. Asha loves his work, especially his time with patients. His kind and humble personality makes it hard to believe he is a physician. Thank you for listening and always be there when needed! Show more

03 Oct 2021


Dr Asha is a true gem in Doha. His bedside manner, humbleness, compassion, treatment style and activing listening will solve your health issues that you may have been facing for years. You won't be disappointed! Show more

17 Feb 2021


29 Aug 2021


دكتور ممتاز

16 Aug 2021


13 Jul 2021


I really appreciate all the reports Doctor Mohammed Asha has done for my husband, very professional and he helped my husband to overcome his health issues. I can say that he is one of the few doctors who really took the time to explain in depth the health condition . It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I highly recommend Dr.Asha. I recommend him definitely to the point I became his patient as well. Thank you Doctor Mohammed🙏 Show more

21 Jun 2021


Dr. Asha is professional, with great knowledge and experience, I highly recommend.

15 Jun 2021

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How can I make an appointment with Dr. Mohammad Asha?

HeliumDoc allows you to book appointments online without the hassle of calling the clinic. Click here to book an appointment online with Dr. Mohammad Asha. You will get a call back from the clinic to confirm your appointment.

Does Dr. Mohammad Asha accept my insurance?

Click here to see a list of insurance plans he accepts.

How much does Dr. Mohammad Asha charge & how do I pay?

Dr. Mohammad Asha charges QAR 550 for consultation for cash patients. You will pay at the reception when you visit the doctor. There are no additional charges when you book through HeliumDoc.

What timings for Dr. Mohammad Asha are available?

Click here to request an appointment with the doctor and the clinic will call to share the doctor’s schedule.

What languages does Dr. Mohammad Asha speak?

Dr. Mohammad Asha speaks the following Arabic and English.

Where is Dr. Mohammad Asha clinic located in Qatar?

He works at: Alfardan Medical with Northwestern Medicine located in Lusail Burj Alfardan, Lusail, Qatar Qatar. Click here for the google map location.

What is the education and qualifications of Dr. Mohammad Asha?

Dr. Mohammad Asha has the following degrees and diplomas: Bachelors in Medicine & Surgery, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

What has the experience of patients been with Dr. Mohammad Asha?

124 reviews have been added against Dr. Mohammad Asha. profile and his average rating is 4.5/5.

Are there any additional charges to book an appointment with a Internal Medicine through HeliumDoc?

HeliumDoc bridges the gap between the patient and the doctor. There are no additional charges for booking through HeliumDoc.

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