Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus

Consultant (Years of Experience: 21)

Internal Medicine
The View Hospital

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Internal Medicine

Specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies, heart diseases, hormone disorders, blood disorders, infectious diseases, kidney diseases, lung disorders, rheumatology, and arthritis.

Languages Spoken

Known For

Point of Care Ultrasound Instructor.

Advanced Life Support Instructor.

Educational supervisor and examiner for the General Medical Council, UK.

Medical Qualifications

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Egyptian Medical University, Egypt.


Certificate of completion of training, UK.

Diploma in Diabetes, UK.


Fellowship in the European Internal Medicine.

Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, UK.


Member of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom.


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How can I make an appointment with Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus?

HeliumDoc allows you to book appointments online without the hassle of calling the clinic. Click here to book an appointment online with Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus.You will get a call back from the clinic to confirm your appointment.

Does Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus accept my insurance?

Click here to see a list of insurance plans he accepts.

What timings for Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus are available?

Click here to request an appointment with the doctor and the clinic will call to share the doctor’s schedule.

What languages does Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus speak?

Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus speaks the following Arabic and English

Where is Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus clinic located in ?

works at:The View Hospital located in Al Qutaifiya Al Qutaifiya, Doha.. Click here for the google map location.

What is the education and qualifications of Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus ?

Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus has the following degrees and diplomas:Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, Egyptian Medical University, Egypt.Certificate of completion of training, UK.Diploma in Diabetes, UK.

What has the experience of patients been with Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus ?

1 reviews have been added against Dr. Tamer S. Boutrus profile and his average rating is 4/5

Are there any additional charges to book an appointment with a Internal Medicine through HeliumDoc?

HeliumDoc bridges the gap between the patient and the doctor. There are no additional charges for booking through HeliumDoc.

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