Dr. Nizar Albache

Endocrinologist (Hormones)
Diabetes Center

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Endocrinologist (Hormones)

Specializes in treating hormone imbalances, diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, adrenal, and pituitary gland problems.

Medical Qualifications

Franche-Comte University , France


Dr. Nizar Albache Insurance Providers

This doctor does not accept any insurance with Direct Billing


Does Dr. Nizar Albache accept my insurance?

Click here to see a list of insurance plans he accepts.

What languages does Dr. Nizar Albache speak?

Dr. Nizar Albache speaks the following Arabic,English and French

Where is Dr. Nizar Albache clinic located in ?

works at:Diabetes Center located in As Salatah Al Jadidah . Click here for the google map location.

What is the education and qualifications of Dr. Nizar Albache ?

Dr. Nizar Albache has the following degrees and diplomas:Franche-Comte University , France

What has the experience of patients been with Dr. Nizar Albache ?

1 reviews have been added against Dr. Nizar Albache profile and his average rating is 5/5

Are there any additional charges to book an appointment with a Endocrinologist (Hormones) through HeliumDoc?

HeliumDoc bridges the gap between the patient and the doctor. There are no additional charges for booking through HeliumDoc.

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